Dreaming is the residence of the gods, daemons, and otherworld beings that visit us behind the veil of our thinking minds.  They dwell in the realm of mythic imagination and in dreamtime we more readily open to the divine messages that they bring to us.  Epiphanies may shake us awake with a lingering but quickly dissipating god-like voice repeating something over and over to us.  In this experience, our small story merges with the mythological and we are humbled and exalted in an awareness of something larger than the everyday world with it’s endless insistences.

 ​Dreaming is the untamed wild side of our psyches – the dreamscape that is the living experience of our souls.  One of the biggest mysteries of our human existence is our dreaming, with the things we dream about being fantastic images and out of the ordinary conversations, landscapes we have never set foot in and amazing physical feats, such as flying.  In the images, characters, and unfolding dramas that spin themselves out in the night, a pathway from what is unconscious and unrealized in our everyday lives beckons us to bring it into consciousness by fully immersing ourselves in the energies of the dream images.  Our lives and health are transformed in doing so.  Dreams are where our souls do their soulwork and bring fresh insight and understanding into our daily awareness.  


“Imagination is more important than information”~ Einstein                    

In the ancient Asklepian dream centers, people came to Dream Quest for healing dreams – whether it was from physical or spiritual illness – they came to petition the god of healing for a dream that would touch them and penetrate past the somatic symptoms to what was lying beneath.  Miracles occurred with dream surgeries and remedies made from particular plants and ingested in the dream state, awakening to a body no longer suffering with the symptomatology of illness, but healthy and whole again.  Or Asklepios’ totem snake came to a person in their dreams and touched the afflicted part of their body with its tongue and they awoke with the pain, the tumor, the affliction healed.  

In attending to our dreams and intentionally practicing dream healing, our world opens up to a limitless reservoir of possibility.  When the soul images offered in dreamtime are embodied, we transcend our conventional constraints and move more fully into the mystery of who we are and in this we can be of service to our world in ways that are fresh and uniquely authentic. 

Imagination is the eye of the soul” ~ Joubert.


~ a haven​ where your deepest inquiries can be incubated ~

Dream energies can come in the form of an animal, such as a high-spirited horse that when brought consciously into the body when awake brings about a catharsis of emotion that unleashes that same high-spirited energy into a previously lethargic body.  In dreams we can be visited by an ancestor who brings a message un-binding a knot of ancestral wounding we have been carrying without knowing that we have been carrying it.  Repetitive dream images or sequences are the flame turned up high to cook into our everyday awareness the soul food that we are critically in need of for our physical and spiritual health and the unfolding mystery of our soul lives.